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Toshiba VIP Edge Business Telephone System

The Power of Choice

How do you want your IP business communications deployed?

If your organization is evaluating new business communications systems, no doubt it is looking seriously at voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP or just IP). VoIP streamlines the business network infrastructure, running telephone and data services over the same network. VoIP brings new features that the traditional digital phone system couldn’t dream of.

Of course you want users to be able to customize their telephone buttons, speed dials, directories and call processing. You also want features that enable your small business to perform like a much larger one—things like unified messaging (voice mail, email and fax in one inbox), unified communications (multiple forms of communication managed from a PC, laptop or tablet), and the ability to use a PC or laptop as an IP soft phone.

These capabilities are becoming essential requirements even for small businesses. With Toshiba, you have the power of choice in how you obtain enterprise-class communications for your business.

Toshiba’s Strata CIX: Converged digital and IP in an on-premises system

For years, Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ has been the flagship of Toshiba’s business communications line. There are five models available, from the Strata CIX40 for up to 24 users, to the Strata CIX1200 for up to 1,000 users.
Multiple systems can be networked together to serve multi-location businesses with thousands of phone users. The proven Strata CIX system supports analog, digital and IP endpoint devices, making it ideal for businesses that want to take advantage of using both digital and IP telephones.

Toshiba’s IPedge: Pure IP in an on-premises system

In 2011, Strata CIX gained a new sibling with Toshiba’s IPedge®—a pure IP business communications system built on open protocols and an industry-standard Linux server. With IPedge, the IP capabilities customers loved in Strata CIX became available in a single server that occupies a mere 1U (less than two inches) of rack space. This one server supports voice mail, unified messaging, meet-me audio/video conferencing with Web collaboration, and the Call Manager application for unified communications.

IPedge does not replace Strata CIX. The market demands both platforms—and that both work networked together, which they do. IPedge is finding its niche where Strata CIX has been so popular: in small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with 20 to 200 users—leaning toward the higher end of that range, where IP’s benefits shine a little brighter. Toshiba IPedge and Strata CIX systems can work together as networked systems to dramatically expand capacity and improve integration between locations.

Toshiba’s VIPedge: Pure IP as a cloud-based VoIP service

To get the award-winning benefits of your own IPedge system but without having to buy, install and maintain an on-premises PBX, choose Toshiba’s VIPedge™ cloud-based VoIP service. With VIPedge, Toshiba supports the IPedge platform in secure data centers, and your organization gets advanced IP services for a predictable monthly fee, starting at about a dollar per day per user. This approach conserves capital and frees your IT talent for better things than running the phone system.

VIPedge uses the same Toshiba endpoints as an on-premises IPedge system, such as IP5000-series desk phones, soft phones and IP4100 mobility devices. Many vendors of cloud-based VoIP services offer only a limited set of features. Toshiba’s VIPedge service delivers a comprehensive feature suite based upon the IPedge, including dozens of call processing features, voice mail with unified messaging, Find-me Follow-me call routing, soft phone and unified communications. Users can still personalize their own phones, call handling, messages and more, just as they would if the IPedge server were in the office. For many SMBs—especially those that expect to grow or have dynamic demands—cloud-based VoIP is a very attractive and cost-effective alternative to an on-site PBX, starting at about a dollar per day per user.

If your needs change or your business grows to the point where it makes economic sense to own a VoIP PBX, you can easily migrate to an on-premises IPedge system. You will reuse the same Toshiba endpoints, and users will not have to relearn how to use the phone system.